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Maths Passports


Maths Passports are a systematic approach to developing mental arithmetic.

This has been proved to improve fluency and accuracy, ensuring that children learn essential number facts as early as possible.  Securing mental competence at an early age underpins success in Maths. This principle is reflected in the new National Curriculum, which sets high expectations of children's mental maths.

Children will work their way through ‘passports’ for different parts of the World starting with England in Foundation Stage and working up to Globetrotters, in Key Stage 2.  After completing each stage, they will receive a Certificate.

Children will be assessed in school and will be expected to demonstrate, on more than one occasion, that they can answer questions accurately and speedily, showing that they know facts by heart.  They will be given plenty of positive encouragement to achieve challenging targets.  The first set of targets may be quite easy for your child while we embed the system.

There will be opportunities to practise in school but it is essential that, as part of maths homework, children also practise frequently at home.  You will be sent a guide to each stage with ideas for activities and questions.  Please try to expose your child to mental maths in many different contexts, eg, money, time scoring in game, measuring.


Passport Countries and Explanations


Scotland Northern Ireland Ireland
Wales Europe Asia Africa
South Africa Australasia Antartica North America