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Grange Federation

Year 6

Term 6 - 2/7/18

In the mornings we have been practicing our year 6 production of FLEECED which is going really well and the children are thoroughly enjoying it.

In the afternoon children had to construct a timeline about historic events that occurred over in Mexico.

Term 6 - 25/6/18

This week the children designed and made a ‘day of the dead’ skull mask as part of our ongoing theme of Mexico. As you can see from the pictures the process of making this was challenging but also very enjoyable and the children showed resilience and perseverance with Papier Mache to produce a range of amazingly creative products.

Term 6 - 18/6/18

Year 6 children travelled to the Punjab community centre in Kembrey Park for an afternoon of varied learning activities as part of Junior Good Citizenship. From ‘Stranger Danger’ to ‘Radical Recycling’ all of the children managed to gain a lot of knowledge and awareness from this experience.

Term 5

During SATs week (Monday14th - Friday 18th May), Year 6 children will be able to come into school from 8.15am. As a way of helping the children, breakfast will be available for them in the Year 6 classrooms, where we will be providing cereal bars, fruit and squash. On the Friday, we will provide a special treat as a way of celebrating the end of their tests. If children do not wish to eat, they are still welcome to come in earlier and sit with their peers.

Term 4 -15/3/18

On Thursday 15th March we visited Steam Museum.  To get into the WW2 theme we dressed for the occasion, see the photos below for our fabulous attire! This visit enhanced our learning about the lives of children in World War II. We also experienced two different workshops: An Air Raid taught discovery session and an Evacuation taught discovery session.

Term 4 - w/c 12/3/18

Year 6 were given the challenge of designing and making a model of an Anderson shelter from recycling materials. As you can see from the photos, the children produced some superb models.

Term 4 - w/c 5/3/18

Children had to illustrate and explain how light travels from a source to the human eye and then to make a shadow puppet to investigate and explain why a shadow forms.

Term 4 - 1/3/18

World Book Day

Term 3 - w/c 22/1/18

Children looked at food chains and food webs this week in our Year 6 science week. They had a variety of tasks to complete such as -

    • To correctly draw an Arctic and Antarctic food chain and describe each stage using scientific language.
  • Linked to our work on food chains yesterday, create a polar food web in groups.

The activities were very hands on and by using team work they managed to produce some very pleasing results. Well done year 6!!

Term 3 - w/c 8/1/18

Children had to produce a frozen landscape using watercolours as a media based on the works of the artist Hiroshige.

As you can see from some of the children’s work, they enjoyed it and the results were superb.

Term 3 - w/c 1/1/18

Children had to identify the main events of the Titanic and create a timeline to chronologically order them, working in groups the children really enjoyed researching this topic.

Term 2 - w/c 4/12/17

Children had to investigate different materials as conductors and their impact on the brightness of the bulb – where they had to make their own circuit and test each type of metal in turn to see which the best conductor was.

Children have made a plethora of Victorian themed cakes this term from Victorian sponges to Apple Charlotte – they all tasted delicious – thank you to all parents that helped with their children’s efforts.

Term 2 - w/c 13/11/17

In groups children had to draw and label a simple circuit diagram that included: bulbs, wires and batteries. Then they had to construct circuits from various components identified in their diagrams.

To Challenge them: What would happen to the bulb if you added an extra bulb to the circuit? Why is this? What function does the switch have in a circuit?

In Topic, children in groups were asked to produce vertical timelines to sequence and describe important events in Queen Victoria’s life from her birth to her death.

Term 2 - w/c 6/11/17

In Topic, children were asked to compare and contrast a Victorian school and Grange Junior School – the children produced a Venn diagram showing similarities and differences.

For Art Week children initially had to create a repeated pattern using known shapes and colours as a practice for the real thing the next day which was to construct their chosen pattern tile using card and string. Then using the media of paint, the children repeated their pattern with the tile onto paper and produced some very pleasing results.

Term 2 - w/c 30/10/17

In Topic, children were given various pictures and explanations from the Victorian era and asked to produce a timeline in groups.

Term 1 - w/c 25/9/17

It was time for the year 6 residential once again at Little Canada in the wonderful Isle of Wight – the children were an absolute credit to Grange Junior showing determination, resilience and perseverance throughout.

The children got stuck into all activities ranging from Dragon Boat Racing to Jacob ’s ladder and from Problem Solving to Trapeze. We even managed to squeeze a disco and camp fire of an evening also. It was great to see all the children working together and acting responsibly.