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Year 5

Term 3 w/c 4/2/19

Term 3 w/c 28/1/19

As part of our year 5 topic Alchemy Island, children really enjoyed investigating and researching GOLD and presented it in a non-chronological report for display.

Year 5 Literacy Festival - November 2018
Good afternoon,

I just wanted to thank your year 5’s and staff for visiting us today.

Your students were exceptionally well behaved and a pleasure to have.

We hope they enjoyed their visit and look forward to the next one!
Many thanks,
Mr M Wise | Learning Resource Centre Manager
Kingsdown School, Hyde Road, Swindon, SN2 7SH | Telephone 01793 822284 

Term 6 - w/c 4/6/18

On 6th June, Year 5 travelled to visit Hampton Court Palace, the home of Henry VIII as part of our launch for our new topic ‘Off with their Heads!’ (based around the Tudors).

While we were there, we learnt all about young Henry, visited the Great Hall - where we saw the most expensive tapestries in England - and also explored the kitchens, amongst other things!

Additionally, we took part in two workshops: Upstairs / Downstairs, where we learnt about the different roles of people in Tudor times and what it would be like to be a servant in the Palace. Digital Mission: Where we took on challenges to help the Italians spy on King Henry VIII. This mission involved using iPads to encourage us to look closer at the things we saw in the Palace. Take a look at our pictures below to see a snippet of some of the fun we had while we were there.

Term 4 Highlights - 16/4/18

Term 2 - Week 2 w/c 6/11/17

We’ve completed week two into our second term in Year 5 already! This week has been Art Week in school so we have been fortunate enough to learn about two artist movements: Pointilism, concentrating on Georges Seurat, and Post-Impressionism, through the works of Van Gogh. We also explored the song ‘Starry, Starry night’ by Don McLean and how his lyrics detail the life and unfortunate death of the late artist.

On Monday, we began our on-screen coding learning for this term. As part of the Computing curriculum, we explored algorithms, repeat loops, conditional statements and debugging in Blockly: controlling a driverless car! Next week it all gets a little more complicated… we’ll need to tinker with our algorithms to ensure the best score, debug any errors we make and use a variety of conditional statements and loops to ensure the sequence is succinct and efficient. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we went on a visit to Kingsdown for the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature. We were fortunate enough to be entertained by published author Stan Cullimore (former pop star and guitarist for The Housemartins… parents may recall their hit ‘Caravan of Love’?). He told us all about his love of writing and travelling the world as a result of this writing. What was his message for writing good stories? Using your imagination and using it to create ‘dirty, filthy lies’ for your characters! What a message! But it’s true, the best storytellers use their imagination and twist their experiences of real life to create something spectacular and unusual. 

Not only that but in English we’ve written our own newspaper articles about Tim Peake’s return to Earth after his 186 day stay on the International Space Station, learnt about direct and indirect speech and further explored the structure and important language and format features in a newspaper article. In maths, it’s been a challenging week as the children began to master the art of long multiplication! If you’re wondering how to do it, check out the calculation policy here: Look for the page with M9: Long Multiplication.

This week, we’ve also been impressed again with the standard of homework! Check out some of the images below!

Term 2  - Week 1 w/c 30/10/17

What an astronomical first week we’ve had! This week, we’ve been flung into orbit in a cosmic way with our new topic, Stargazers!

We began with an afternoon of space exploration, where the children were quizzed on their space knowledge and were asked to ‘show us what you know’. Some of the challenges included:  * Can you show us the order of the planets in our solar system? * Match the size of the planet to the fruit! * Solar Rap – Learn the Spacebot rap and add some actions! As well as this, we’ve become journalists and delved into the world of Newspapers, reporting on the legendary Tim Peake’s return to Earth after his six month stay on the International Space Station. We’ve created our own questions, interviewed ‘Tim’ and will be writing our own articles next week!

We also welcomed parents in to our WOW mornings (thank you to those of you who came in) where we took on the role of Quizmasters and tested our knowledge through the Space Quiz. Some questions were a little tricky, but by the end of the term we should know all the answers to these and more! We also had a look at some thoughts from children about some Science concepts and challenged the children to respond to them.

In Science, we explored how our world and the planets are roughly spherical bodies. We began by going outside and having a look to see if we could see any evidence for our world not being flat… it was a challenge! We then were presented with arguments from the past and present to support ‘flat earth theory’ and ‘sphere theory’. Most of us were convinced by the spherists… but not all!

Term 2 - w/c 30/10/17

Welcome back to School for Term 2! This term, our theme is ‘Stargazers’. As part of our awesome astronomy topic, we’ll be: Journeying through space, the final frontier… Navigating beyond the Sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our Solar System! Investigating the eight planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. And that’s just the basics. We’ll also be taking a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits Earth; Programming a ‘rover’ to traverse a lunal landscape and work scientifically to investigate gravity and what happens when there is none! As well as all that we will be comparing the time of day at different places on the Earth, getting in a spin, making simple models of the solar system and listening to the haunting sounds of space themed songs. Then it’s three, two one…BLAST OFF! Exploring space is the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken! Are we alone or is there another life form out there?

You can find out more by viewing our Theme overview for the term.

Excited by our theme and looking to learn more this term outside of school? Then here’s our ultimate learning legend’s guide:

Websites worth surfing:

Apps worth downloading: NASA Kids Club Space by TinyBop Britannica Kids: Solar System This is My Spacecraft Star Walk Kids Solar Walk Night Sky

Places worth visiting (less than an hour away):

Winchester Science Centre @Bristol – Planetarium and Space Zone

Places worth visiting slightly further afield (in case you’re heading that way one weekend): Miss Reynolds’ favourite: National Space Centre, Leicester (In her opinion it’s even better than the Kennedy Space Centre!) Royal Observatory Greenwich Science Museum, London – Legend of Apollo 4D experience & IMAX showings: A Beautiful Planet Thinktank, Birmingham The Space guard Centre, Powys Jodrell Bank Observatory, Macclesfield Centre for Life, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Books worth reading: Cosmic by Frank Cotterel Boyce Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawkin The Usbourne Official Astronaut’s Handbook Ask an Astronaut – Tim Peak

You can find many more ideas for some completely awesome cosmic books here:

Term 1 - w/c 11/9/17