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Year 3

Term 3 - w/c 8/1/18

In year three this week, we have looked at the myth of Icarus a Daedalus. In Design and Technology we have thought about use properties of materials and their suitability to create wings.

We were tasked with making wings for an empty bottle. The aim was to see which group had created the wings that made the bottle fly the furthest.

Term 2 - w/c 4/12/17

This Friday we had an interactive maths lesson where we played games to help us remember our 4 times table. We found this very fun and after the lesson we did our tables. We think that we were more confident after.

Term 2 - w/c 27/11/17


This week we have started English by looking at the features of newspapers. After that we looked more closely at the language used by a reporter and we practiced this with the use of some acting.

Term 2 - w/c 20/11/17


This week we have been looking at rocks. We have prepared and organised for an experiment where we test the durability of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. We also looked at the properties of chalk.

We will use these results next week to conclude our findings.

Term 2 - w/c 6/11/17

This term in Computing we are looking at coding. We are using an online programme called Rapid Router and we have been progressively working through the levels. This week we have been looking at making smaller code by using a repeat action button.