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Year 2 


Wow, Term 2 completely whizzed by!

We were so busy in Year 2 and we had so much fun in our learning journey so far this year. As part of our topic we were learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and why they are so important.

In Maths last term Year 2 learnt to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes we had to practise telling the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour first.

We had great fun creating our art work for the Art gallery and were very proud to show off our work to the grown-ups and peers at school.

In the run up to Christmas we were very lucky to have so much going on. We watched a performance of Beauty and the Beast; we loved singing along to the songs and clapping along.

For Badger class they thought the best bit of the term was meeting Santa, although we had to wake him up as he was so sleepy from his busy job.


Term 2 - Week 2

Year 2 were very lucky and had a special visitor come and talk to them.

They had a visit from someone who works in Swindon hospital in the X-Ray department so they could hear all about what happens when you have an X-Ray and they had a look at some photos of different body parts that had been under an X-Ray machine.

Term 1 - Week 1

What an amazing start to Year 2!

We started the year off out on the field with our friends. We designed and constructed a home for an pixie only using resources available in the natural environment.

We ended the week with PE with Mr Hicks we were very excited to find out that we would be learning how to fence.

Term 1 - Week 4

Last week was a very busy week in Badger class. At the start of the week we had fun learning to work together with team building games. We had to work together to get the hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each others hands.

In Science last week we were looking closely at frogs. We got sticky with the play dough creating a model frog. We then compared the living frog with the one we made.  

As part of our topic lots of us have been creating fantastic models for our homework! Miss Castle has been amazed by the hard work and effort.

Term 1 - Week 6

Rabbits Class had the fire safety lady come in to talk to us about what we should do in the case of a fire. We learnt to 'stop, drop and roll', we practised ringing 999 for help, we dressed up in firemen clothing and we heard the sound of a fire alarm that we should check are always working in our homes.

Term 1 - Week 6

Rabbits Class have been preparing to write a recount of our Bristol Zoo trip this week. We produced a story map to remind us the order of the day, then rehearsed it with actions and orally rehearsed some fantastic sentences with time connectives and noun phrases.


Badger class loved the school trip to Bristol Zoo on Monday. We explored all the amazing animals around the Zoo and looked at the continents that they came from.
The children were so well behaved and made the adults very proud. We have done lots of fun learning about the animals this week including placing them on a world map.

Term 1 - Week 6

We are enjoying practising our archery and fencing skills with Mr Hicks this term. ON GUARD!