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The Studio


3 July 2017

On Wednesday and Thursday this week we went to spend some time in our new Year 1 classroom. We all thought it was much bigger and had lots of exciting new toys in! We also met our new teacher Miss Ottley and our new TA Mrs Howe, who were lovely. We made some beautiful hot air balloons and wrote about our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. We all had a great time and can’t wait for September!!


26 June 2017

Sports Week has been brilliant fun. We have enjoyed Zumba, yoga, circuit training and a whole school Wake and Shake. Even the teachers joined in!!! Our Sports Day on Thursday was amazing. We all enjoyed taking part in the fun races and having a picnic too. Thanks to everyone who came to watch and especially those brave enough to take part in the parent’s races!!



19 June 2017

In Owls class this week we all went on a dinosaur hunt and wrote down the names of the dinosaurs we found. Some of them had very long names. We have also been using different equipment to measure dinosaur footprint and learning dinosaur facts. On Wednesday the chicks came to visit and we all got a chance to hold them. They were so cute!



12 June 2017

We went dinosaur crazy  this week! We followed some rather large footprints through the school and they led us to a nest with a dinosaur egg in it! We looked after the baby dinosaur very well for its Mummy and wrote all about the hunt on special dinosaur paper.


5 June 2017

We’ve been really focusing on our writing since we came back from our holidays. We have written stories, labelled pictures and taken our writing outside. We have concentrated on how we form our letters and tried to remember our full stops and capital letters. All our practise is really paying off and we are becoming fantastic writers!



22 May 2017

We have had a fantastic last week of term! On Monday we all enjoyed reading our favourite stories for Bedtime Story day. On Tuesday we had a visit from Jonathan’s Jungle where we all got to hold a millipede and a snake and met a very beautiful tarantula. On Wednesday it was Superhero day. We had Superhero writing, building, digging and a Superhero sports day. It was brilliant. Have a safe, enjoyable holiday and see you next term.


15 May 2017

In Owls class this week we have been writing and drawing our own Superhero comics. We have also been making Superhero puppets to play with. It was lovely to see so many of you at our Wow mornings. We hope you enjoyed seeing our work and looking at all the progress we have made.


8 May 2017

In Owls class this week we have been learning our number bonds to 10. We used 10 frames to help us to work out the answers. We read the book ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson and wrote him letters to say thank you for all his help. We have also been making some amazing superhero masks and getting messy with some very sticky playdough!


2 May 2017

Our topic this term in Owls class is Superheroes. We have been writing about what we would like our super power to be and thinking about our superhero name. Last week we had special visitors when the Music Roadshow came to school. They played a selection of string instruments and we all danced to the music.


3 April 2017

Thank you all so much for the wonderful costumes you made for our ‘Make a Noise’ concert. We had a brilliant time performing all the songs and we hope you enjoyed it too! We have had a lovely week in class doing lots of Easter activities including making some yummy Easter cakes. Happy Easter and we will see you all next term!


27 March 2017

We had an extra special PE lesson this week. Dave from Swindon Town football came to teach us all some skills. We had great fun! We have been learning a new Talk for Writing story this week called ‘Old Mac’s Farm’. We have made up some new actions and made some story roads to help us remember the story.


20 March 2017

This week was Science Week and Owls class have been doing lots of experiments. We have been investigating what happens to raisins when they are put in lemonade, which ramp is the best and how to make a volcano. We have also been looking at what has happened to our cress seeds. We have all been writing something special for our Mums this week, hopefully you will all receive them on Sunday!


13 March 2017

We all enjoyed our trip to the farm this week. We came back and were all inspired to write lots of great captions and labels for our photos. We have also been planting some cress seeds this week, we hope they will grow soon!



6 March 2017

We have been busy retelling and writing our own versions of ‘Stuck in the mud’ in Owls class this week and are developing fantastic story language. There were some pretty spring flowers in the classroom and we enjoyed making some beautiful pictures of them. On Monday Leadership Martial Arts came in to teach us some moves. We can now jab, cross, duck, jump and snap!


w/c 27 February 2017

We’ve had a very exciting week in Owls class. Thursday was World Book Day and we loved dressing up as book characters and showing everyone our potatoes! On Friday Grace’s Mum and Dad brought in their 2 pet goats for us to meet. It was great to see one of our ‘Stuck in the Mud’ characters come to life and has made us even more excited about our trip to the farm!


w/c 20 February 2017

We have learnt a new Talk for Writing story this week in Owls class. It is called ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and is all about Farmer Tom and his cow Daisy and we have enjoyed making up some new actions. There have been lots of farm animals out to play with this week and we have been inspired to make some very unusual farmyards out of rice, pasta and Weetabix!


w/c 6 February 2017

This week in Owls class we have carried on learning and retelling the story of Little Jack. This is called ‘Talk for Writing’ and will help us develop fantastic story language when we start to write our own stories. We have been making our own story roads and writing parts of the story too. We have also been measuring giant footprints using lots of different methods.


w/c 30 January 2017

In Owls class this week we have learnt the story of ‘Little Jack’. We have retold it using Pie Corbett actions and some of our own. We have also been reading other fairy tales including Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we have enjoyed acting out this story using oats to make lots of porridge. We have been getting very sticky playing with the Gingerbread play dough to make our own Gingerbread men.


w/c 23 January 2017

In Owls class this week we learnt all about Chinese New Year. We read the story of how the Chinese Emperor chose the animals for the zodiac and found out that some of us are Rabbits and some of us are Dragons. We discovered that children in China are given money in special red envelopes to celebrate. Some of us made beautiful dragon puppets and masks and practised writing Chinese numbers in the sand.


w/c 16 January 2017

We have been discovering more curious creatures in Owl’s class this week and read ‘Monsters Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We made our own strange monsters by blowing paint onto paper. They looked out of this world! We also went on the life bus and met Harold the Giraffe who taught us all about our bodies and how to stay healthy.


w/c 9 January 2017



w/c 5 December 2016

Christmas has arrived in Owl class this week. We have enjoyed playing in our Santa’s grotto role play and helping Santa deliver presents in the sleigh. We have also been writing our letters to Santa, hoping we’re all on his nice list!! The Studio is looking very festive as we’ve been making decorations and we’ve had great fun taking photos of each other in the ‘Elfie’ booth!


w/c 28 November 2016

In Owls class this week we have been making stars in preparation for Christmas and enjoying our Santa’s grotto role play. We have been practising reading and writing our yellow keywords and we had great fun mark making in the frost!


w/c 14 November 2016

We thought a lot about numbers in Owls this week. We used bead strings and cubes to count and make numbers. We used Numicon to add numbers and explore how they could be made. We also played buzz games to help us recognise numbers and see if we could beat our friends to get 3 in a row.


w/c 7 November 2016

We had great fun dressing up as witches and wizards on Tuesday. We wrote our own potions to turn each other into frogs and goats!! We have also been investigating magic numbers 8 and 5 and finding out how many different ways we can make them using Numicon. Outside in Merry Meadow we have been developing our motor skills using golf tees and pumpkins!


w/c 31 October 2016

Art week has been great fun! Our theme was ‘Butterflies’ and we looked very carefully at their beautiful wings. This inspired us to draw and paint our own butterflies and we also made some pictures of the Hungry Caterpillar using colourful tissue paper.


w/c 17 October 2016

This week we were so excited about our visit to the fire station. We learnt all about the job of a fire fighter and what they have to wear. We watched a film about fire safety and why we shouldn’t play with matches. We had great fun playing with the hoses!


w/c 10 October 2016

In Owls class this week we have been very busy building a house but we were allowed to have Sunday’s off if we worked hard! We have also been practising our counting skills by weighing and counting out conkers. Some of us have been seeing if we can build a nest to protect some eggs. On Wednesday we had great fun with our teddies and enjoyed reading them stories and having a yummy teddy bears picnic.


w/c 3 October 2016

In Owls class this week we have been visiting the Builders Yard. We had great fun building with the big blocks and the construction kits. We also enjoyed playing in the sunshine in Sunshine Square where we ran, jumped and performed a fantastic show!


w/c 26 September 2016

There have been lots of dragons in Owls class this week! We read the story Sylvia and the bird which is about a lonely dragon called Sylvia. This has inspired us to write our own dragon stories and to act them out. We have also coloured some beautiful dragon pictures. We went to the Exploration Station this week and loved playing with the large marble run and making porridge play dough.


w/c 19 September 2016

In Owls class this week we have been busy learning our new graphemes and practising how to write them. We have also been practising our counting using objects to help us. We read the story of the Gruffalo’s Child and have enjoyed re-enacting the story using puppets and masks. We have also had great fun trying out all of our dressing up clothes!



w/c 12 September 2016

We have had a fantastic first week at school. We have loved exploring our classroom, getting to know our teachers and making new friends. We have especially enjoyed playing in the home corner and playing outside on the trikes and scooters.