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The Studio

w/c 27.6.16

We found a very big box in the Studio this week but couldn’t decide what to make with it. So we each came up with an idea and then voted for our favourite. Look at the photos and see if you can guess what we made! (Clue: it’s normally big and red but ours was sparkly and had wings!!). We have also been building models with Lego and making some very wobbly jellyfish.

w/c 20.6.16

Unfortunately we had a few (pretend) broken arms this week so we have made some slings and bandages to make them better. We also had a visit from Ferdinand the Fox’s older brother when Will dressed up in the fox costume! We celebrated Bethan’s birthday with a strawberry picnic. Thanks for bringing us the strawberries Bethan, they were delicious!!

w/c 13.6.16

In the Studio this week we’ve enjoyed making amazing worlds with our transient art resources. Some of us made up a story about a trapped tiger to go with the scene. We’ve also enjoyed exploring the large polydron shapes together – we made some giant vehicles to sit in! We used our 3D shapes to print some special cards for our Dads or Grandads – look out for these in our book bags on Friday!

w/c 16.5.16

In the Studio this week we have been enjoying reading John Hegley’s story ‘Stanley’s Stick’. We’ve had lots of fun imagining what we could use our sticks for. Mrs Murray imagined that her stick was a magical instrument that would send children to sleep whenever it was played! We’ve also used our basket of sticks to investigate shape and number problems in maths? How many sticks do you need to make a triangle? Can you make 2 triangles using only 5 sticks? What’s the biggest number of triangles you could make with 18 sticks?

w/c 9.5.16

This week in the Studio we used the big water play gutters. As this is new we used it inside with balls instead of water while we worked out how it works. We had to fix the pieces together which was quite tricky. We had great fun making a slide and trying to get the balls to the bottom without them falling off the slope halfway down!

Year 2 came down to show us their moving pictures. We listened to the instructions for how to make them. Some of us decided to make our own!

We have made some lovely junk animals. We ran out of cylinders so we had to make some by rolling up pieces of paper. Did you know you can turn a flat rectangle into a cylinder?

w/c 2.5.16

This week in the Studio we have been exploring African textiles and patterns. We discussed the difference between pictures and patterns and thought about how different colours can affect our mood. We had a go at making printing blocks using PVA glue and string and then used them to print on a class canvas. It was great fun, but quite messy! Lots of us had a go at writing in the class News Book too – it sounds like there are lots of exciting places to visit in and around Swindon.

w/c 25.4.16

In the Studio this week, we have been exploring African patterns. We have discovered that lots of African textiles involve bright colours and patterns made from repeating shapes and images from nature. We enjoyed learning how to make wax resist pictures and lots of us wrote instructions so that we could teach people in other classes how to do it too. We found out that if you cover a surface with wax crayon then it won’t absorb any paint, but if you miss a spot or crack the wax then the paint finds a place to sneak through! this week our natural materials for creating Small World scenes also made their way into the studio, and we really enjoyed creating new African scenes.

w/c 18.4.16


This week some children have chosen to make some things out of 3D junk shapes. Look at the photograph of the horse that was made. This horse also had a label with ‘hors’ written on it so everyone knew what it was. What a great idea!

w/c 21.3.16

In the studio this week we decided to use the tape measures to see how tall we are – some of us are as tall as an average sized Minion (about 105cm)!Then we measured the mats and the blocks and recorded how long they were before we used the blocks to make minion dens. We’ve also has some amazing Minion junk models – we found out that when you paint blue dungarees onto a yellow body you end up with green dungarees (a minion fashion disaster!). We’ve also spent time developing our gross motor skills in the outdoor area – we are getting much stronger than we were in September.

w/c 14.3.16

We’ve had a great time in the studio this week. Lots of children were excited about superhero writing and made fantastic costumes to wear whilst they were working. Austin and Caleb’s creations really made us giggle! Easter card production has also been in full swing as we have explored the technique of marbling; some of the results have been quite beautiful! On Tuesday a new Interactive Whiteboard was delivered and we’ve had lots of fun testing its features. We really liked playing the phonics play games. We also made a big space so that we could create a town for our cars to drive around, whilst we experimented with making them go faster!

w/c 7.3.16

This week in the Studio we have been exploring the story of the Three Little Pigs. We’ve had lots of exciting creative work going on. Making papier mache pigs has been messy, but fantastic fun. We’ve had some new tools for the big block area and lots of us have been keen on learning to use a spirit level and a tape measure. Lots of us have used different materials to help us to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs too - the dangly pens have been a big hit!


w/c 29.2.16

We’ve had a really busy week in the Studio, thinking about all of our favourite stories. On World Book Day we dressed up as characters from books and then had a session on the catwalk to show off our costumes. Earlier in the week we explored how Marble run works and then used what we found out to create our own fantastic example. We learnt lots about forces and motion in the process!

w/c 22.2.16

In the Studio this week we celebrated the birthday of our lovely special helper Mrs Pink! We enjoyed making her a collage quilt of our drawings to say thank you for everything she does to help us with our learning. We also took advantage of the winter sunshine and spent lots of time outside drawing and labelling our Swindon map.

w/c 8.2.16

It has been a very busy week in the Studio! We’ve created our own rail network and made maps and station signs for it. We also constructed trees and bridges in the villages around our train tracks. When we got the hammer and nails out we knew that we would need to make warning signs to keep us safe! Mrs Murray was really impressed with the budding architects in EYFS this week – especially Charlie, who had a go at making Stonehenge!

w/c 18.1.16

In the Studio this week we have been designing and making castles. We have explored the features of castles on the inspiration board and tried hard to include some of them in our creations. When we finish our models we like to write labels so that everyone knows who made them!