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Outside Area

w/c 27.6.16

We have been practising for our sports day outside this week. We can’t wait for Friday. Let’s hope we get lots of sunshine and no rain clouds!!

w/c 20.6.16

We have been hunting for bugs outside this week. Unfortunately they must have known we were coming as we only found 1 slug and an empty snail shell! Hopefully we will have better luck next week! We have also enjoyed using all the new den building equipment and have made some spectacular structures.

w/c 13.6.16

Outside this week we have been having adventures on the beaches and in the rock pools that we have made. We have made up tennis and bowling games and worked out our scores. We have helped to tidy up the sheds and we are making sure that we keep them tidy!

We are also deciding what we are going to plant in our flower beds. Which plants do you think we should plant?

For Forest Friday we went on a bug hunt. We looked in lots of habitats to find different animals. We built some dens using sticks and strings. We tied some good knots!

w/c 23.5.16

This week in the outside area we looked for caterpillars and their eggs at playtime. We found some! We have also been throwing and catching things.

We have been singing and dancing on our stage and making up our own songs and dances.

w/c 16.5.16

This week we have enjoyed planting some sunflowers with Mrs Ayers – we are really looking forward to seeing exactly how tall they will grow. We will have lots of opportunities to use language about height and length. We will also find out exactly what our sunflowers need to grow. We have also explored our new water toy – we have been finding out about how water flows and how we can make it change direction, usually onto our teacher’s toes!

w/c 9.5.16

This week in the Outside Area we have been practising our throwing and catching. We have used balls and hoops. We also used the blocks to balance on. Some of the children pretended to walk ‘out to sea and fish’ off the blocks.

We found spiders and their eggs and lots of snails! The snails were hard, soft, smooth and very slimy! We decided to put some of the snails into a tank and look after them. We put some grass and flowers in the tank for the snails to eat and when we got back into the classroom we also put in a carrot and some water. We have looked in the library and on the internet to see if we can find out what snails like to eat and which places they like to live in. On Wednesday it rained a lot but we had our boots and coats so when it stopped raining really hard we went out. We found a puddle that nearly covered our boots! Squelch squelch!

We also made up games. We counted how many times we could bounce a ball and then circled that number on the hundred square. We worked out who had won. Then we noticed that a hundred square has patterns on it. We found all the numbers that ended in 0 or  2  are in a line! We have also been measuring things using tape measures.

The rain this week gave us a fantastic opportunity to test out our den making skills! When water poured through the roof and drenched us we knew that we had a big problem to solve. Luckily, we were able to find some water proof tarps and sturdy pegs to help us make our den watertight. We also thought about using groundsheets so that we wouldn’t get soggy bottoms!

w/c 2.5.16

In the outside area this week we have also been going on safari. We have spotted lions, elephants and lots of other African animals! We have counted how many animals we have spotted and some children have been using a tally to count the number of animals they saw.

We have also been making some dens so we can camp outside. We have used poles and string and covered them with fabric so that we have shelter from the sun. We have also used the wooden blocks to build balance trails – if you fall off the sharks might get you!

In Merry Meadow we have been making huts and houses out of mud. We used mud and sticks. We did get a little dirty but the mud did wash off and we had great fun!

w/c 25.4.16

This week we have been outside experiencing some very strange weather for April! We thought that the snow and hail showers were very exciting, although most of us preferred it when the sun was shining! Some of us did some gardening with Mrs Ayers and planted sunflower seeds. It will be exciting to see how tall they grow. We’ve also been practising our balancing skills on the stepping stones and swinging like monkeys in the rainforest on the climbing equipment.

 We have enjoyed using a sandpit that is big enough to get in! We found some letters and numbers in the sand as well as some treasure! We worked out who had found the biggest number, we found sounds that are in our names and we filled buckets and cups right up to the top! Can you see the cylinder shaped sandcastle that we made? It has a flat top and a curved side.

We decided to use a new colour to continue our weaving. We are learning to go in front and behind the sticks.

We used beanbags and nets to make up some throwing games and we decided to work out some number problems using a number line or remembering number facts in our heads!

w/c 18.4.16

w/c 11.4.16

This week we have been learning outside. Some children made up a game finding numbers on a hundred square or ordered fairy numbers. Some children decided to build houses and label them so everybody knew who lived there. We also enjoyed climbing along the climbing wall.

Can you see the photo showing a kite being flown at playtime? What a great idea to make a kite and fly it outside! I wonder how she made the kite go higher?

One of the children saw a bird under the shelter. She took a photo of it using an i-pad. The children think it is a pigeon but we are going to check using pictures on the internet.