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Imagination Station

w/c 20.6.16

This week in the Imagination Station we have really enjoyed making and flying our paper aeroplanes. Some of them flew so far they went over the wall! We have also planted some sunflowers and carrots and can’t wait to see how big they grow. In the small world area we have been making up some fantastic sea creature tales.

w/c 13.6.16

This week in the Imagination Station we have been camping and enjoying making fabulous picnics. We have been using the puppets to retell stories such as Sharing a Shell. We have been making books and writing lots of stories! We played some rhythms on the drums and we played notes and tunes on a xylophone.

w/c 23.5.16

This week in the Imagination Station we have been playing in our camping area. We have been writing sentences, letters and some children have made books and written some stories.

We have been counting in 5s. Some children decided to do hand prints. We used red, blue and yellow but we mixed the colours and got green and purple too! Now we look at the hand prints and count   5, 10, 15, 20….

We have been reading The Rainbow Fish about a fish who needed some friends. We have thought about who our friends are. We have also looked at a real rainbow fish. It is called a rainbow trout. We thought of some questions and some children had some answers.

“It’s eyes are still open!”     “I know that fish sleep with their eyes open because my fish sleep with their eyes open.”        ”I can see tiny teeth.”     “How did the fish die?”       “How does it breathe?”   “Fish breathe under the water. If you take them out they die.”      “Do fish have eyelids?”      “It smells a bit!”

We have been to see our chicks and taken some photos. They are alive and they are growing fast. Some of them have white feathers.

w/c 16.5.16

This week in the Imagination Station, we have really enjoyed our campsite role play. We have been practising using money to buy things from the campsite shop and some of us have been very efficient at taking bookings! We’ve also enjoyed playing the musical instruments; we are getting very good at holding a steady beat whilst we sing the songs we learnt for our Make a noise concert.

w/c 9.5.16

This week in the Imagination Station we have been thinking about when we wash our hands. We are remembering to wash our hands after going to the toilet. We also wash our hands when we have changed a nappy on one of the dolls. This week we have some baby wipes in our home area. We have also got a new pan and a sieve which we are enjoying using when we cook.

Our caterpillars have all changed into chrysalis and we are now waiting to see them emerge as butterflies. We now have some snails in a tank next to the caterpillars and we are looking after them too. Look at the photos, in the outside area EYFS website photos, to see pictures of us finding the snails!

We have been retelling the story of Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. We also used balance scales to weigh some of the fruit that is in her story.

w/c 2.5.16

In the Imagination Station this week we have been using the internet to find out answers to questions. We have found out what the front of a racing car looked like and what colour crocodile tongues are! Did you know crocodile tongues can be bright yellow or orange! When we found out the information it meant we could finish our models of a racing car and a crocodile.


We have got a safari hut in our role play area. We can camp there before we go on safari and there are binoculars, sun hats and other things that we might need on a safari. We have a table where we can measure how tall the animals we find are and how much they weigh. We also can make notes on the computers.


On our story tray there was an action man, a penguin, a golden egg and a snake. Some children noticed that action man had lost a boot and made posters so that we could all look out for it! What a great idea! I wonder if we will find the missing boot? Where could it be?

w/c 25.4.16

This week in the imagination station we have decided how we want the bedroom in our home area to look. Isn’t it tidy!

We have been learning about different places. We have been playing African drums and singing some African songs. We have looked on the internet and in books to find out answers to our questions about Africa. Can you find Africa on a map of the World?

We have been telling the story of St George and the dragon and made up our own stories about dragons.

We have used the i-pads to take photos of what we do at school and what is happening to our caterpillars this week. We have used the i-pads to record our singing concerts.

w/c 18.4.16

This week in the imagination station we have been role playing pirates!

We have dressed up and gone on lots of adventures. We keep finding pirate treasure!

We followed a treasure map and found some coins. We added all the coins together.

 We have also been reading in our new bedroom in the home corner. We have shared lots of our favourite books.

We have been finding out where places are on our map of the world.

w/c 11.4.16

This week we have been telling and writing stories. We have made story maps and labelled them. We have drawn our own pictures and written sentences about them.

We watched a clip of Eric Carle reading a story he wrote called The Hungry Caterpillar. We have retold this story.

We have decided that we would like a pirate ship in our roleplay area next week. AAARRRRRRR!

 w/c 21.3.16

In the Imagination Station this week we have been sharing things. We have shared our playtime fruit and shared the plastic eggs as we played with them. We chose Minion body parts and then paid for them with real coins. We used numicon to add up how much our Minion bits cost. Then we went into the Studio to make our Minions!

We have also been using our new puppet theatre to tell and perform stories.


w/c 14.3.16

This week we have been in our vets roleplay. We decided the animals needed some food so we have bought packets of pet food and worked out how much money we owe by adding. We have made new labels for the animal boxes and made an area to hang the vets uniforms up to stop them from being on the floor!

We have made a superhero den and put in our new superhero pencils. We had fun writing some superhero posters.

We enjoyed being outside in Sunshine Square. We need some new items for our mud kitchen. If you have items such as pans, whisks, metal or plastic bowls, spoons, sieves, colanders that you no longer want then we would love to have them! Please could you not send in any containers that have had nuts in.

We also looking for any small world items such as small animals, book and television characters, fairies, pirates. Items such as trees, houses, dolls furniture are also useful! Thank you!

w/c 7.3.16

This week we read the story of the Three Little Pigs. We enjoyed retelling the story. Some children used puppets to retell the story and even used some instruments to add some sound effects!

The camp fire has been great and we have enjoyed singing, reading and storytelling round it.

Have you tried using our microphone? This makes our voices much louder, especially when we sing into it!

Next week look out for our bigger puppet theatre and storytelling area!

w/c 29.2.16

We’ve had a great time celebrating World Book Day this week. Lots of lovely new reading areas have popped up around EYFS too - we’re really enjoying imagining toasting marshmallows around the camp fire in the Reading Ranch! Lots of us had a go at captioning pictures of our costumes, writing sentences to explain who we were. At the moment we’re exploring K’Nex in the small world area. look out for some amazing creations next week!

w/c 22.2.16

In the Imagination Station this week we have set up a vets. We have sorted and labelled the equipment for the vets to use. The children have been looking after the animals and trying to make them better. Lots of different animals have visited the vets. We even had a turtle! 

We have been retelling the story of the Frog Prince. We have been using our story words.

Once upon a time     Then         Next      Suddenly       Finally          The end

We were building things using magnetic shapes and we found out that the magnets stuck to the radiator and the side of the table!

w/c 8.2.16

In the Imagination Station this week we have set up a Chinese Restaurant in our role play area. We have taken orders in our restaurant and then our cooks have cooked the food. The waiters have served the food. We have used the chop sticks to pretend to eat the food. Can you eat food with chop sticks?

 Some children have set up their own small world land called Princess Castle. We have also been writing labels to go with the things we make. Have you seen the photo showing the children reading round our camp fire?