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Exploration Station

w/c 20.6.16

In the Exploration Station this week we have been finding out facts about sea creatures. Did you know the world’s biggest octopus can grow to over 32 feet long? We have also been using the play dough to make an octopus and drawing pictures of them.

w/c 13.6.16

In the Exploration station this week we have been exploring the weighing scales and using language to compare how heavy things are. We have enjoyed making up some fantastic stories in the small world area, including lots about the sea animals. Lots of us have used the mud kitchen to make cakes this week – we’re getting better at remembering our aprons!

We read a book with instructions in that told us how to make a roto-copter. We showed each other how to make them. We threw them up in the air and they spun round.

w/c 23.5.16

This week in the Exploration Station we have been focussing our learning around the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We have talked about our friends, how we feel when we are lonely and putting ourselves in the position of the Rainbow fish.

We have been creating our own under the sea pictures using various fruits. We have been making fish, divers and other under the sea animals. After we made our pictures we took our own photos using the iPad and wrote a list of the different fruits we used.

w/c 16.5.16

This week in the Exploration Station, we have really enjoyed exploring the outside area. We have been going on bug hunts, writing lists of what we have found and drawing and labelling our wonderful bugs. Inside we have been following a recipe to make our own play dough, weighing out the ingredients and adding different materials to enhance the play dough to include glitter, mint leaves and anything else that took our fancy!  Living Eggs have arrived in school and we have been able to watch all stages of hatching. We have been writing about the eggs and the chicks as they begin to hatch and count their legs/wings.

w/c 9.5.16

This week in the Exploration Station we heard about the London Marathon. Catherine came in to school to tell us about when she ran the Marathon. We asked questions such as ‘What food did you eat? Or ‘Did you win the race?’

Keeping with the theme of Africa we have been reading Handa’s Surprise, weaving with different papers and looking at different wildlife found in Africa.

We decided to be hair dressers this week and we tried different hair styles. Some of us made books. We used rulers to draw lines and we wrote our own stories in the books.

We also played instruments and sang songs. We even made up songs about chocolate and carrots to the Tumba tune!

w/c 2.5.16

In the Exploration Station this week we have been busy exploring mathematical problems around animals. For example, an elephant has 4 legs and a bird has 2 legs how many legs are there altogether? We have also been working out which animals were in the field. We knew we had 10 legs in a field so we had to decide which animals it could be, for example 2 elephants and an ostrich! We tried 8 legs and 20 legs and 6 legs. Some children drew their ideas.

Outside we have been making our own mud huts using mud and sticks and writing our own instructions to make a mud hut.

w/c 25.4.16

In the Exploration Station this week, we have been exploring Africa, looking closely at the different animals and their habitats. We have been making our own animals using different body parts from other animals; we even came up with some interesting names! This week we have enjoyed exploring the outside area ‘Merry Meadow’. Lots of cakes have made in the mud kitchen and we have been exploring the giant sandpit.

w/c 18.4.16

We’ve had a great time this week looking at and exploring money. The children have been using magnets to find out which coins are magnetic, creating our own coin rubbings and looking at the value of coins. Children have also been weighing different fruits and encouraged to use the language of heavier, lighter and balanced when weighing. The microscopes were used to look at the different fruits and vegetables in closer detail; we loved looking at the different patterns inside some fruits and vegetables. We found an empty hundred square and worked out where the numbers went. We had to work hard to decide where the numbers went. We looked for patterns in the numbers.

w/c 11.4.16

This week we have been focussing on the famous children’s book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children have been looking at various fruits. We have smelt, tasted, looked at and touched some different fruits. The children used these words to describe the fruit: curved   hard    soft     smelly    prickly    bumpy     hairy      yummy      crunchy     noisy.  I wonder what other words we could use to describe fruit?

We have also become very creative this week making the lifecycle of the caterpillar out of pasta! We have talked through each stage of the lifecycle and some children even acted it out!

w/c 21.3.16

This week we have been busy writing lists of all the ingredients we need to make our Easter nests. We have had lots of fun making our nests and observing the changes to the chocolate when we heat it over the hob.

The children have been creating Minions this week using playdough and were encouraged to talk about what they could do next time to improve their Minion.

Eating a balanced diet has been a focus in the room where children have been sorting different foods into healthy and unhealthy plates. We discussed the importance of making our diets balanced and how a good diet and exercise keep us fit and healthy.

w/c 14.3.16

This week we have been busy exploring with magnets. It has fostered conversations, exploration of materials, and learning to make predictions. We have helped the children develop this skill of predicting and we also use it when we read with them, by asking them to predict what will happen next in the story.

We have had great fun and discovered so much about magnets and magnetism. We were very surprised to that find that not all metal is magnetic!

w/c 29.2.16

This week the children have been busy learning to weave, finding out which materials work best and why. They have created some lovely woven pieces.

Many vehicles, buildings and bridges have been built over the week using jelly. Using jelly to construct has enabled the children to explore a very different way of constructing as well as developing their problem solving skills.

w/c 22.2.16

In the Exploration Station this week we have been exploring our new ‘Feely Tubs’, discussing what we feel and what we think might be inside them.

Our human body torso has proven to be very popular with many children. Finding out about our different organs, where they are in our body and what they do. We have also been busy drawing round our own bodies and labelling the different body parts.

w/c 8.2.16

This week in the Exploration Station we have tasted a range of Chinese food. We described the smell, taste and texture. We have also been busy trying out various toppings on our pancakes, creating a year group tally chart to show the most popular topping!

w/c 18.1.16

In the Exploration Station this week we have been exploring magnetism. We sorted objects into two groups magnetic and non-magnetic. We have also been getting messy making our own play dough, reading and following a recipe and ensuring we get the correct measurement. It has been great fun!