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Forest Friday


w/c 19.6.17

In Forest Friday this week we made natural paintbrushes using sticks, leaves and feathers. We had great fun and produced some lovely paintings, but we did get a little bit messy!!


w/c 12.6.17

We made some more beautiful natural art this week using all the objects we could find around the school.


w/c 5.6.17

In Forest Friday this week we looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He uses lots of natural objects to make some beautiful art work. We used resources we found on the field to make some lovely spiral pictures.


w/c 15.5.17 

We went on a colour hunt around the field for Forest Friday this week. We found lots of natural objects to match our colour charts but unfortunately we found some rubbish too! So we checked if it could be recycled and if not, put it straight in the bin!



w/c 8.5.17

This week for Forest Friday we went out on the field and gathered together natural materials which we then took onto the playground and used to make some beautiful pictures.


w/c 2.5.17

In Forest Fridays this week we have been learning about the lifecycle of a frog. We learnt that the frog lays eggs, or frog spawn, which then turn into tadpoles, froglets and finally frogs! We then went to see if we could find any frogs in the pond and we were lucky enough to see 3!


w/c 3.4.17

We all enjoyed a big Easter egg hunt in forest schools this week. Thank you to the Easter Bunny for hiding them!!


w/c 27.3.17

This week on Forest Friday we have made faces from natural materials and objects we found on the field. We think they look just like us, What do you think?


w/c 20.3.17

In Forest school this week we have been printing with lots of natural materials such as sticks, stones and leaves. It was great fun and only a little bit messy!


w/c 13.3.17

For Forest Friday this week we read the story of ‘Stick Man’ and then went out on the field to find our own ‘Stick Men’. We then drew a scene from the story using our ‘Stick Men’ as props.


w/c 6.3.17

We have been building animals homes this week for Forest Friday. We thought about the different animals who might live on our field and what sort of home they may like. We built homes for birds, slugs, snails, squirrels and rabbits. We hope they like them!


w/c 20.2.17

This week on Forest Friday we searched the field for sticks (and there were plenty to be found after Storm Doris!) to build a bridge for the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. We experimented as to how we could make the bridge strong and safe.


w/c 30.1.17

In Forest school this week we made journey sticks. We walked around the field and stuck the things that we found on to a stick to remind us of our journey. It was very tricky to make the wet leaves stick!


w/c 23.1.17

In Forest school this week we have been drawing pictures of the birds that came to our bird feeders. We saw pigeons, rooks and plenty of seagulls.


w/c 9.1.17

We went on a scavenger hunt around the field today. We found lots of leaves, sticks and stones and we were very sad to find that people had left rubbish on our field. We picked it up and put it in the bin!



w/c 7.11.16

This week on Forest Friday we spent a beautiful autumn morning finding objects to match our colour swatches. We loved looking at the different colours of the leaves, as well as kicking them in the air!



w/c 10.10.16

We all had great fun outside this Friday. We enjoyed collecting leaves and we gave a special performance of ‘Big, Red Combine Harvester’. A video will be uploaded shortly, we are singing superstars! 


w/c 3.10.16

In Forest schools this week we have been enjoying looking at the changes autumn brings to our field and we collected some beautiful leaves of lots of different colours. We then made some lovely hedgehog collages on the playground.