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Builders' Yard


w/c 3.7.17

On Wednesday and Thursday this week we went to spend some time in our new Year 1 classroom. We all thought it was much bigger and had lots of exciting new toys in! We made some beautiful hot air balloons and wrote about our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. We all had a great time and can’t wait for September!!


w/c 26 June 2017

Sports Week has been brilliant fun. We have enjoyed Zumba, yoga, circuit training and a whole school Wake and Shake. Even the teachers joined in!!! Our Sports Day on Thursday was amazing. We all enjoyed taking part in the fun races and having a picnic too. Thanks to everyone who came to watch and especially those brave enough to take part in the parent’s races!!


w/c 19 June 2017

In Hedgehogs class this week we all went on a dinosaur hunt and wrote down the names of the dinosaurs we found. Some of them had very long names! We have also been using different equipment to measure dinosaur footprints, learning dinosaur facts and making dinosaur costumes. Miss Savage brought in some real fossils for us to look at and on Wednesday the chicks came to visit. They are so cute!


w/c 12 June 2017

We went dinosaur crazy in Hedgehogs class this week! We followed some rather large footprints through the school and they led us to a nest with a dinosaur egg in it! We looked after the baby dinosaur very well for its Mummy and wrote all about the hunt on special dinosaur paper. We have also been making dinosaur feet from our junk modelling and we all painted some huge dinosaurs to decorate our classroom



w/c 5 June 2017

We’ve been really focusing on our writing since we came back from our holidays. We have written stories, labelled pictures and taken our writing outside. We have concentrated on how we form our letters and tried to remember our full stops and capital letters. All our practise is really paying off and we are becoming fantastic writers!


w/c 22 May 2017

We have had a fantastic last week of term! On Monday we all enjoyed reading our favourite stories for Bedtime Story day. On Tuesday we had a visit from Jonathan’s Jungle where we all got to hold a millipede and a snake and met a very beautiful tarantula. On Wednesday it was Superhero day. We had Superhero writing, building, digging and a Superhero sports day. It was brilliant. Have a safe, enjoyable holiday and see you next term.


w/c 15 May 2017

In Hedgehogs class this week we have had great fun trying to get through Spiderman’s web to find 2 numbers that make 10. We have also been writing captions for superhero’s using speech bubbles and drawing and writing our own comic strips. Lynn came and brought drums for our singing lesson this week. We made a lot of noise! It was great to see so many of you at the Wow morning. We hope you enjoyed looking at our work and watching the Dough Disco!



w/c 8 May 2017

In Hedgehogs class this week we have been learning our number bonds to 10. We have been practising really hard and we think we know them all. Why don’t you ask us if we know 2 numbers that add together to make 10? We have also been enjoying taking our learning outside into Sunshine Square when the sun was shining. We were writing, building and making outside, it was great fun! We also had another singing lesson from Lynn and started to learn how to play hockey in PE, another busy week!


w/c 2 May 2017

Our topic this term in Hedgehogs class is Superheros. We have been writing about our super powers and building a city for our heros to live in. We have also been learning about doubling numbers using lots of different equipment to help us. To help our writing we have been strengthening our hand muscles by doing the dough disco. It is lots of fun. We would like to say a big thank you to the Mums who have come to help tidy up Sunshine Square. We love helping with the gardening and it is looking so much better already!!


w/c 3 April 2017

Thank you all so much for the wonderful costumes you made for our ‘Make a Noise’ concert. We had a brilliant time performing all the songs and we hope you enjoyed it too! We have had a lovely week in class doing lots of Easter activities including making some yummy Easter cakes. Happy Easter and we will see you all next term!


w/c 27 March 2017

We learnt a new Talk for Writing story this week called ‘Old Mac’s Farm’. We have enjoyed thinking up some new actions and making story roads and maps to help us remember the story. We have also been making some nests using junk, we thought about how to make them safe and secure to protect the eggs. On Wednesday we had an extra special PE lesson when Dave from Swindon Town football came to teach us all some skills. It was great fun!


w/c 20 March 2017

This week was Science Week and Hedgehogs class have been doing lots of experiments. We have been trying different ramps to see which one makes the car go the farthest, we have been investigating what happens when we put raisins in lemonade and how to make a volcano. It has been lots of fun! We have also been writing something special for our Mums, hopefully you will all receive them on Sunday! Have a lovely day!


w/c 13 March 2017

We all enjoyed our trip to Farmer Gow’s on Monday and it inspired us to all write some fantastic captions for all our pictures. We have been planting cress as well this week; we have put the pots in lots of different places to see which one grows first!


w/c 6 March 2017

We have been busy retelling and writing our own versions of ‘Stuck in the mud’ this week in Hedgehogs class. We are developing fantastic story language and using phrases such as ‘Once upon a time’, ‘Early one morning’ and ‘After that’. On Monday Leadership Martial Arts came in to teach us some moves. We can now all jab, cross, duck, jump and snap. Next Monday we are going on our trip to Farmer Gows. We are very excited to see all the animals but hope none of them get stuck in the mud!


w/c 27 February 2017

We have had a very busy and exciting week in Hedgehogs class. On Thursday it was World Book Day and we had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters and seeing the potatoes we had decorated. We also had a special visitor on Thursday. Jessica’s Dad came in and brought some fish for us to see and taste. Following our ‘Little Jack’ story, we got to see a mackerel and some clam shells. It was fantastic! On Friday we got to meet a character from ‘Stuck in the Mud’ when Grace’s Mum and Dad brought in their pet goats. They were very friendly and now we can’t wait to meet some more animals on our trip to the farm.


w/c 20 February 2017

This week we have learnt a new Talk for Writing story in Hedgehogs Class. It is called ‘Stuck in the Mud’ and is all about Farmer Tom and his cow Daisy. We have learnt new actions and also role played being some of the characters in a question and answer session. We have enjoyed the arrival of spring in Sunshine Square and have loved pretending to be farmers and animals while playing with the hay bales.


w/c 6 February 2017

We have carried on learning and retelling the story of Little Jack in Hedgehogs class this week. This is called ‘Talk for Writing’ and will help us develop fantastic story language when we start to write our own stories. We have been making our own story roads and writing parts of the story as well. We are brilliant at retelling the story using actions. Take a look at our video! Have a lovely, safe half term and see you soon!


w/c 30 January 2017

In Hedgehogs class this week we have learnt the story of ‘Little Jack’. We can retell the story using Pie Corbett actions and lots of our own. We have had great fun acting out different fairy tale stories and making props to go with our stories. We have also been creating story maps to help us remember the Little Jack story and have made up some fantastic ones of our own!



w/c 23 January 2017

In Hedgehogs class this week we have been learning how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We learnt the story of the Chinese Zodiac and discovered that most of us are Rabbits or Dragons. In class we have enjoyed retelling the story of the Emperor and the animals and also making dragon masks. We have also taken part in some Dragon dancing and have tasted Chinese food. We had duck spring rolls and prawn crackers which we thought were yummy!!


w/c 16 January 2017

We learnt more about curious creatures in Hedgehogs class this week and we read ‘Monsters Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We made our own monsters and wrote thank you letters to Mummy monster for giving us some underpants! This week we also visited the Life Bus, where we met Harold the giraffe and learnt about our bodies and how to stay healthy.

w/c 9 January 2017

We’ve had a great start to the year in Hedgehog class. We loved exploring the ice in sunshine square and seeing how long it would take to melt. We read ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson and have been inspired to make dragons and castles. We wrote lists of all the parts of a dragon so we wouldn’t forget!


w/c 5 December 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Hedgehog class this week. We have been making and writing our Christmas cards and decorating the builder’s yard with snowflakes and paper chains. We have also had great fun taking photos of our friends in the ‘Elfie’ booth!



w/c 28 November 2016

We have been learning all about the story of Aladdin this week. This has inspired us to make lots and lots of castles and palaces, from junk, out of blocks and using our big blocks in Sunshine Square. We have also been helping Aladdin count all his jewels to keep them safe. The cold weather hasn’t kept us inside this week and we have loved exploring all the ice and frost.


w/c 21 November 2016

We were finding out all about 2D and 3D shapes this week. We made shape pictures and built 3D shapes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows. We also had great fun practising writing in shaving foam. We did get just a little bit messy!! On Monday we were very excited to watch ‘Aladdin’, the actors were brilliant and we loved joining in with all the songs



w/c 14 November 2016

We went maths mad in Hedgehogs this week. We used lots of different maths equipment to make numbers and thought about how we can make them in different ways. We wrote lots of numbers and practised counting by playing skittles. We even used numbers to make a speed limit in sunshine square! We also tried to think very carefully when we were building and spent time designing our creations. Friday was Children in Need day when we had great fun dressing up and doing lots of Pudsey activities. Hopefully we raised lots of money too!


w/c 7 November 2016

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came to Hedgehog class this week. Winnie the Witch (or was it Miss Savage?) made a potion to change Wilbur her cat back to black. We then chose to write our own potions, changing each other into frogs! We also built a dragon from crates and made our canes into broomsticks to zoom around Merry Meadow. Our pumpkins were put to good use as we developed our motor skills by hammering golf tees into them!


w/c 31 October 2016

It was Art week and our theme was Butterflies. We looked carefully at their colourful wings and learnt that their patterns were symmetrical. This inspired us to paint our own amazing patterns. We also loved using chalk to turn ourselves into beautiful butterflies on the playground.


w/c 17 October 2016

We had lots of fun on our visit to the fire station this week. We learnt about the job of a fire fighter and watched them practise their drills. The sirens were very loud! We also saw all the special clothing and equipment they have to wear. Everybody had a go on the hoses which was great fun. In class we have also been very busy making our own fire engine models.


w/c 10 October 2016 

In Hedgehogs class this week we have been learning all about eggs. We held them, cracked them, boiled them and some of us scrambled them! We also had a special day on Wednesday when our teddy bears came to school. We loved dancing with them and had great fun at our yummy teddy bears picnic.


w/c 3 October 2016

In Hedgehogs class this week we have loved visiting the Studio where we dressed up and played in the home corner. Some of us enjoyed a delicious meal in the café! We have also been trying to recreate famous buildings from our wooden blocks. Jack and Olivia made a fantastic Kremlin!! 



w/c 26 September 2016

In Hedgehogs this week we have read the story of Sylvia and the Bird. Sylvia is a beautiful sparkly dragon so we have enjoyed making dragon models and masks, remembering to design them first. When we have built our obstacle courses this week we have thought about how we can use them safely. In maths we loved practising counting our hops and jumps outside. We have also been exploring the Studio and had great fun in the home corner.


w/c 19 September 2016

In Hedgehogs class this week we have been busy learning our new graphemes and practising how to write them. We have also been using Numicon to help us add together numbers up to 10. We loved reading the Gruffalo’s Child and enjoyed making Gruffalo puppets and masks. Outside we have been making an obstacle course for everyone to try. Highlight of the week has been playing with the marble run. Hopefully next week we will try to make our own!


w/c 12 September 2016

We’ve had an amazing first week in Hedgehog’s class. We have all loved exploring our classroom. Getting to know our teachers and making new friends. We have especially enjoyed building, measuring, sticking, drawing, using the computers, playing outside in Sunshine Square, listening to stories, having our first PE lesson and sharing our treasure boxes. What a busy week!! Have a look at the videos to see us singing the Jolly Phonics songs we have learnt.